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We understand why homeowners in Gilbert choose concrete for its versatility, durability, and cost-effectiveness. Did you know that concrete is a popular choice for driveways, sidewalks, patios, and other outdoor areas? At Gilbert Concrete Company, we specialize in offering a range of decorative concrete options to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home.

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    Pouring concrete patios is our expertise, and we take great pride in delivering hassle-free concrete services, including the repair and installation of concrete driveways. 

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    As a homeowner, it's crucial to find a reliable contractor who can meet your expectations. At Gilbert Concrete Company, we go above and beyond to exceed our client's expectations. We offer a wide variety of concrete patio options and other services to cater to your specific needs.

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    We firmly believe in providing affordable flat-work concrete prices without compromising on the quality of service we offer. Unlike other concrete companies in Gilbert, we take pride in delivering expert services at competitive prices.

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Concrete patios offer numerous advantages for homeowners, making them a wise choice when considering outdoor spaces. Unlike alternative patio materials, concrete requires minimal upkeep and is free from allergens. The versatility allows you to tailor your patio design to harmonize with both your home's architectural style and the surrounding landscape. Moreover, concrete patios prove to be a cost-effective option, typically priced between $3 and $6 per square foot. Keep in mind that incorporating additional features, such as vibrant flower beds or comfortable benches, will incur extra expenses. Additionally, it's worth noting that certain areas may necessitate obtaining permits, which can range from $150 to $300.

When embarking on the construction of a concrete patio, it is vital to factor in the load it will bear. This consideration directly influences the necessary thickness, reinforcement, and strength. We recommend employing high-strength concrete boasting an impressive rating of 5 to 6,000 PSI. This guarantees a robust foundation capable of supporting substantial weight. To reinforce your patio further, consider integrating reinforcing mesh or rebar. These reinforcements enhance the patio's ability to withstand tensile forces, providing additional support for heavy loads.

At our company, we understand the significance of both functionality and aesthetics. Hence, we present the ever-popular option of stamped concrete. Not only does it radiate elegance, but it also boasts a simpler installation process compared to other concrete types. With proper care, stamped concrete can precisely achieve that. Revel in the beauty and durability of your patio for decades to come. By opting for this solution, you not only enhance the allure of your outdoor space but also contribute to environmental preservation.

Trust the expertise of Gilbert Concrete Company to transform your vision into reality. Our team of skilled professionals is dedicated to delivering exceptional craftsmanship, ensuring that your concrete patio surpasses expectations.

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Here are six maintenance tips for a concrete patio:

  • Regular cleaning: Sweep your concrete patio frequently to remove debris, dirt, and leaves. Use a garden hose to rinse off any remaining dirt or stains. If you have stubborn stains, you can use a pressure washer with a fan nozzle to remove them. Be careful not to use too much pressure, as it can damage the surface of the concrete.

  • Sealing: Apply a high-quality sealer every one to three years to protect your concrete patio from weathering, moisture, and stains. Before sealing, make sure the patio is completely dry and clean. Use a roller or sprayer to apply the sealer and let it dry according to the manufacturer's instructions.

  • Avoid using harsh chemicals: Avoid using harsh chemicals like bleach, ammonia, or acid-based cleaners on your concrete patio. These chemicals can damage the surface and cause discoloration.

  • Remove stains promptly: If you spill something on your concrete patio, clean it up as soon as possible to prevent stains from setting in. Use a gentle cleaner and a soft brush to remove the stain.

  • Keep plants away: Avoid placing potted plants directly on the concrete patio, as the moisture from the pots can leave stains on the surface. Use plant stands or saucers to elevate the pots.

  • Fix cracks: If you notice any cracks in your concrete patio, fix them as soon as possible. Cracks can allow water to seep in and cause further damage. Use a concrete patching compound to fill in the crack, and then seal the area to prevent future damage.

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Our team goes above and beyond to provide a dependable estimate process, ensuring your satisfaction every step of the way. With our commitment to excellence, you can rest easy knowing that your concrete project is in capable hands.

With Gilbert Concrete Company, you can confidently plan your projects without worrying about hidden expenses.

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